Established in 1989, KSA is an Electronics Manufactures’ Representative serving customers in Southern California, Southern Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. KSA specializes in Sales, Marketing, and Applications Support of RF, Microwave, and Power related components and services on behalf of the manufacturers we represent. KSA serves customers in the Commercial, Industrial, Medical, and Aerospace/Defense markets.


GaN Technology, GaN transistors MACOM's high power GaN in space saving plastic is setting the standard for applications where small size and low weight are required. 3x6mm DFN packaged ...
February 3rd 2014 MAcom Technologies

MACOM Announces New 150 W GaN on SiC HEMT Power- Broadband Unmatched Transistor in Gemini Package Provides High Gain, Efficiency and Ruggedness over 1-2500 MHz Bandwidth

February 3rd 2014 MAcom Technologies

MACOM Announces High Efficiency 500 W GaN on SiC HEMT Pulsed Power Transistor for Avionics Applications Internally Matched 500 W Power Transistor Provides High Gain, Efficiency and Ruggedness over 960 to 1215 MHz Bandwidth

December 9th 2013 HUBER+SUHNER

MBX 2nd generation - Get the best for less With the new MBX 2nd generation, HUBER+SUHNER AG is proud to offer a new member of the board-to-board connector family. The MBX 2nd generation board-to-board connection comes along with the well-known and outstanding characteristics of MBX but optimized plating, materials and production process.

December 4th 2013 HUBER+SUHNER

MXP18 –18 GHz/18 Gbps Multicoax Test Solution HUBER + SUHNER complements the successful multicoax MXP40 system, which operates in the range up to 40 Gbps/40 GHz, with the cost-effective solution MXP18 for the range up to 18 Gbps/18 GHz.


New board-to-board tutorials online for H+S. What is the difference between connecting range and radial working range?

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